Rresidence of Mrs Gitanjali a resident of Delhi.Her residence made in 200 sq yds was modified by M\s Tejeshwar & Associates to give it a new look and identity. the elevation of the house was remodelled to give the present looks as shown in (figure - 1 ).

The exterior has been finished in white exterior paint and the balcony grills have been given in contrast in red stone,With the same contrast given in the boundary wall (figure - 2) and place provided in front for planting shrubs and flowers. The Entrance Gate has been designed keeping in mind the total outlook of the residence as shown in fig - 4. Figure -3 shows the entrance to the lobby and the staircase from the front courtyard.

Figure - 5 shows the interior of the house ie the entrance lobby where a cabinet has been created to use the space below the staircase which is assessed from outside, also seen in this photograph is the divider between the lobby and drawing room made in the form of steps with green marble fixed on top, providing space for keeping flower pots or art pieces for decoration.

Figure - 6 shows the arch used as a divider between drawing room and the dining room with pillars done in P.O.P and fine lace curtains. Figure - 7 shows the entrance from courtyard to the Drawing room covered with silk curtains in pink cream and green with green awnings to top them in contrast. Figure - 8 shows staircase wall done in slate stone with top finished in arch form and brackets provided below them.

Figure - 1
Figure - 2
Figure - 3
Figure - 4
Figure - 5
Figure - 6
Figure - 7
Figure - 8