1. It is preffered to have the Parents/ Aged peoples Bedroom in the South-West corner of the house.
  2. While sleeping you should sleep with your head on the South side of the room (See VASTU FOR BEDS ALSO).
  3. If attatched toilets are provided then these should be so placed that they are on the South - West side of the room. If not possible the other locations are the East side and South - East side of the bedroom.
  4. Mirrors with dressing tables should be fixed on east or north walls.
  5. Wardrobes / Almirahs should be on the South, West, North - West or the South - West of the room.
  6. As far as possible , the safe should not be kept in the Bedroom. In case it is kept, then it should be kept in the south and opens in the North.
  7. T.V, heater, electrical appliances should be in the south east corner.