FREE LISTING : Architects, Interior Designers, Consultants, Construction Companies and Product Manufacturers/ Dealers who have their own Internet Web Sites shall be given free listing in our IAI Yellow Pages.

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India Architecture Info has become one of the most visited webportal with thousands of visitors visiting on a monthly basis and has thus reached the top of Yahoo and Google listings in many categories. We have launched SPECIAL SCHEMES for Architects, Interior Designers / Decorators, Consultants, Construction Firms, Real Estate Firms and manufacturers. Here we wish to help you project your firms to the public in the best manner through our magazine, so that customers who like your style see your work and contact you. For this we offer you THREE OPTIONAL PLANS as given below :-


If you already have your firm's website on internet then we shall provide free listing of your site in our yellow pages and provide links to your site. We shall also promote you in various sections of our magazine by placing photographs you provide with links to your Website free of cost.


Incase you do not have a website then we shall design a page with your firms name address and contact number, firms details and photographs in our yellow pages.This can also function as your web identity.

A) We shall design one designer page for you where you can provide us with photographs and write up of any of your specially designed projects. We shall host it in our magazine under designer gallery and provide link from it to your site and vice-versa so that people who appreciate your work can know more about you or contact you. The number of photographs shall be restricted up to six numbers and the write up shall not exceed 300 words. Sample Page. This facilitie is provided for a nominal total cost of Rs 1000 /- for one year. This also functions as your web address as shown under sub - site.

B) We shall also promote you in various sections of our magazine by placing photographs you provide with links to your Website free of cost.You can send us photographs with a write up of two to three lines of your works related to various topics in our magazine and the same shall be inserted in our magazine under related topics in Interior , Exterior, Construction, Stonework main heads with a link to your own internet site / sub-site. Thus these shall work as Indirect Advertising for your firm in our magazine and get you work from people who are looking for your style of work. The number of photographs put up in our magazine shall be upto six numbers and have to be under different sub categories, additional at the sole discretion of our editor-in-chief. plus you get a free listing in our yellow pages and also a internet sub-site free of cost or free links to your website.

PLAN 3 ( your own Internet Sub-Site)

In case you do not have a website of your own then we can design an Internet sub-site for you, which you can directly open on the internet or through our site. On this sub-site we shall provide information / details regarding your firm and list of some important projects handled, detailed in up to 500 words and up to 6 photographs showing some of your projects listing of your top 15 projects. We shall be charging Rs. 1000/- only for this facility for first year.You shall be listed free of cost in our yellow pages.Renewal Charges after one year shall be Rs 500/- only for one year for Sub-sites.

Your sub-site shall open directly on the internet and its address shall be:


For Plan 2&3 kindly write the caption of each photograph behind it and also sign at their back. Kindly give the write up on your letterhead. Name, address, telephone and company logo given on the letterhead shall be given in the site. In case of any variation kindly clarify the same. The site shall be designed on the net within 10 days of receiving complete details and payment. Sub-sites shall be designed in a standard format, care shall be taken that these take very less time to open on the net.

In case you need to change or add additional photographs and write up in your sub-site or the magazine section now or in future the same shall be done at a cost of Rs 200/- only for up to 4 photographs and 200 words.

ARTICLES : We shall be inserting free of cost an Article related to services in our magazine section under suitable head or under the general head of articles. The article has to be related in general to the fields of Architecture, Interior Designing and Construction or Products used in these fields. They can also be specific in nature related to any of the sub heads given in our magazine.We shall also be looking forward to articles on new upcoming technologies in the above fields.

Manufacturers can also provide Advertising banners on our website. More Info

Payments can be sent as drafts/ cheques in the name of " India Architecture Info " payable in New Delhi.

Kindly send photographs, details and articles to :

India Architecture Info

G - 108, Phase -1, Ashok Vihar, Delhi - 110052.

For any further clarifications contact us at our E - Mail address : ishvinder.gill@indiatimes.com